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Shlomi - nice to know!

Shlomi is located in the Western Galilee, only a 12-minute drive from the spectacular shores of the Mediterranean. Shlomi is surrounded by natural green areas and evergreen mountains. The town is named after the father of Ahihud, the president of the Asher tribe: “The chieftain for the tribe of the descendants of Asher, Ahihud the son of Shelomi” (Bamidbar, 34, 27)
Shlomi was founded in 1950 by immigrants from Bulgaria, Yemen and Tunisia, who lived in a transit camp (ma’abara) and inhabited the abandoned place.
In 1960, the residents moved from the transit camp to permanent homes. In the 1990s, a large Aliyah from the Soviet Union took place, and more than 1,000 new immigrants have settled in Shlomi. Over the years, the council has developed and grown and now has a population of about 7300.


Why make Aliyah to Shlomi?

For the community

For the nature and the view

For the education and culture

For the work

For the lifestyle

For the community

Shlomi has a rich and meaningful community life and a fascinating human mosaic. Shlomi is home to a variety of wonderful populations of new immigrants from the Soviet Union, along with veteran residents and young couples who come to Shlomi for the quality of life and the clean air. In Shlomi, you will find a rich cultural life including after-school activities, shows, a cultural center, a local theater and more.
The residents of Shlomi live together in harmony, creating a unique and united community, based on solidarity and mutual support.

For the education

Shlomi’s education system is one of Israel’s best, with a wide range of high-quality, innovative educational settings.

The town’s education system is managed by the Education Department, which is leading all the educational systems in the Council – from day care centers to kindergartens, elementary schools and integrated education settings.

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For the nature and the view. Near the sea, surrounded by nature!

Shlomi is strategically located between the forest and the sea. Only a few minutes’ drive from a spectacular beach, facing green mountains and open spaces, Shlomi is among the most attractive settlements in Israel. In addition to nature and scenery, Shlomi enjoys Israel’s transport revolution, with new roads making access to Shlomi easier, and the nearby Nahariya train station that will get you to the center of the country at top speed.