A word from the Mayor

Gabriel Naaman, head of the Shlomi local council

Dear residents and visitors,
Shlomi: a rare combination of community, city and nature.
Shlomi’s worth is constantly rising and its value is increasing day by day and it is not a coincidence. It is a result of a long and strategic process led in collaboration with skillful executives, from the day I took office as head of the council.
Expanding jurisdictional boundaries, recruiting investors, taking care of employment for all, an uncompromising focus on education in the community, on bettering
the formal and informal education systems, developing older neighborhoods, eradicating crime to the lowest level in the Galilee, free land for the children of Shlomi, creating plans to build thousands of housing units and guest rooms in the next few years and more.
I have succeeded to assure the Government’s involvement for Shlomi on seven important issues:
-1- Increasing the tax up to 21%, with a limit of 252,000 NIS. It is legislated.
-2- A government decision to strengthen Shlomi’s economic position on a wide range of issues, amounting to 94 million NIS over the next five years.
-3- A development agreement with the administration to strengthen the entire existing settlement, with a budget of 90 million NIS.
-4- The Security Cabinet’s decision to build 1,000 units of security rooms in all the older apartments in Shlomi.
-5- A decision to pave road 6 up to Shlomi, to be completed by 2024.
-6-A Government decision to promote an urban renewal plan for approximately 1,500 housing units.
-7- An update of a comprehensive outline plan for Shlomi, focusing on employment, trade and tourism.
Dear residents:
We have shown that a settlement that began as a developing town on the northern border with 3400 residents can be transformed into the most attractive place of residence in Israel.
We have proven that the path we have been walking together for over 20 years has led us to the destination I have set, and this is only the beginning.
You, dear residents, can be proud of our special community.
We are living in a town where the prices of your real estate have doubled in recent years, residents from all over the country want to join us. Shlomi, located near the sea, has become a symbol, we are on the map, and we are moving towards economic independence.
I promise and pledge that the Local Council of Shlomi will continue to excel and will not stop improving and becoming more efficient in every area of the residents’ lives.
My door is open, I am always ready to listen and to be in touch with each and every one of you.
You are welcome to respond, advise, express your opinions, to participate and assist in bringing our plans for the community to life.
As always, your involvement and participation are important to us.
Gabriel – Gabi Naaman
head of the Council