About Shlomi

 The Local Council of Shlomi is located in the Western Galilee, about a 12-minute drive from the spectacular shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Shlomi is surrounded by natural green areas and evergreen mountains. The town is named after the father of Ahihud, head of the Asher tribe: “The chieftain for the tribe of the descendants of Asher, Ahihud the son of Shelomi” Shlomi was founded in 1950 by immigrants from Bulgaria, Yemen and Tunisia, who lived in a transit camp (ma’abara) and inhabited the abandoned place.
In 1960, the residents moved from the transit camp to permanent homes. In the 1990s, there was a large Aliyah from the Soviet Union and about 1,000 people have settled in Shlomi. Over the years, the council has developed and grown and now has a population of about 7300.
The education system of Shlomi is one of the most advanced in Israel. The system advocates a personal approach to each student and a tailored experiential learning, boosting students’ confidence and allowing them to develop, express themselves and acquire skills that will follow them throughout their lives. Ine the Council there are three kindergartens, two elementary schools, Ort High School, Erez College – a center for vocational education, and a school for gifted children. In Shlomi, our main focus is the child, every student in the school has a journal to keep track on his achievements and matters that can be improved. The education in Shlomi grants warm personal attention and support to those who need it. A wide range of extra-curricular activities allow every child to follow their interests.
Shlomi supports the absorption of new immigrants and the promotion of immigrant children in all fields, providing assistance with homework, language and forming social connections. We encourage students to accept each other and be helpful to those who need it.
Shlomi offers a vide range of employment options, factories such as the Zoglobek meat processing factory, the Wolfson confectionery factory, the Hanita metal factory and others provide employment for the residents. The council has two commercial centers used by the community and the kibbutzim around it. The local council cares about the residents’ employment.
In 2000, an alternative theater and a culture and sports hall were established. In the sports hall, athletics training takes place and there is an outstanding trampoline jumping team in Shlomi. There is also a swimming pool and various activities for children and youth.
At a short distance from the town there are archeological sites from the Roman period, medieval monasteries and many other attractions. Adjacent to Shlomi are the most beautiful beaches in the country and the nearby Hanita forest is rich with springs, streams and hiking trails.
The current head of the council is Gabi Naaman, whose vision is a combination of nature, community and city. A place that prioritizes nature and the welfare of the Shlomi community, Assistance in finding employment for everyone, promote the forman and informal education systems, plans to build thousands of housing units, eradicating crime and free land for Shlomi’s children.
Shlomi invites you to come and experience the nature, the education and the amazing community existing right here. We are waiting for you!