Community and culture

In Shlomi you will find a rich and diverse community life, many activities and no less importantly, a warm and supportive community with a true public spirit.

Here are some of the community cultural activities and perks that Shlomi has in store:

 The Shlomi Community Center is the heart of the community life, running an ample enrichment, sports and leisure programs.
The wide range of activities caters to all ages from toddlers to senior citizens, filling everyday life with a variety of activities.
One of the main purposes of the Local Council of Shlomi activities is to make a connection between the residents, create a warm, supportive community, and allow a space for learning and fun.

As a part of the Class For Every Child project, 4th and 5th graders in Shlomi receive significantly subsidised extra-curricular activities, in order to give equal opportunities, believing that every child deserves high quality enrichment activities

Some of the services offered at Shlomi are:
 Leisure and sports classes such as dog training classes, scouting and nature classes, basketball, cross-country riding, Pilates for a variety of ages, Karate, football, athletics and more
 A variety of art and performance classes such as a theater class, a photography club, a music club, a painting workshop, a choir, women’s dances, etc.
 Leadership and community classes such as youth organizations and a youth leadership program
 Judaism enrichment classes

In addition to the regular classes there are many new community activities every year.

Shows and performances

Shlomi hosts a variety of activities, performances and plays. Racing, karaoke nights, stand-up nights and more.
The Shlomi Local Theater is an innovative multidisciplinary center for art and education, it was founded in 2000 at the initiative of the Council,  together with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports. The center is a home for learning, creativity, education and community activity.
Over the years, a wide range of international and local artists have performed on the council stages.
The local theater stages a variety of performances in Hebrew and Russian and is a community gathering place.

Youth Club

Shlomi Local Council youth club of the is an initiative of the local community center in collaboration with several donors who have created a fun and safe place for the youth in Shlomi.
At the youth club you can find a wide range of new activities, televisions, computers, XBOX, VR glasses, a state-of-the-art sound system, snooker tables, football tables, seating areas and more
 For your convenience, there is also a coffee corner and a snack bar where children can bring snacks and groceries and cook together, supervised by a responsible adult.


 The Shlomi Local Council has a local pool that offers residents a variety of activities for the whole family: an outdoor semi-Olympic swimming pool, a toddlers pool, a broad velvety lawn, and a variety of table games. Next to the pool there is a buffet that offers a rich, wholesome menu, adding to the family pastime.


Shlomi library contains about 45,000 titles. Special and unique collections containing antique and special books. The library provides an educational solution for a wide range of services in the fields of education, data, information and leisure.
Here you will find open access to all existing information in the library and the tools to encourage reading for all ages. The library caters to the community of Shlomi and offers all residents the amazing experience of reading, whether it is for educational needs or pleasure.
Every week, you can enjoy storytimes with the best writers and readers who will read you the best literary pieces.
We are offering you the opportunity of development and growth, alongside a fun and enriching experience.