The education system in Shlomi consists of quality institutions and first-rate teachers.

Here is some information about the educational institutions in Shlomi:


The Shlomi Community Center operates three day care centers for infants aged three months to three years. Our day care centers operate under professional guidance and are supervised by all the competent authorities.  The teaching staff is warm, professional, guided and supervised, headed by experienced, devoted  and professional principals.
Our main priority in our role is the desire to do our utmost in order to discover the abilities and strengths of the children in our care, their families and community, in a way that will affect their lives and shape their future. We are guided by complete faith in human dignity, and are committed to express it in all fields of activity, professionally and ethically.
It is very important to provide you the best service possible, while maintaining the safety and security of the young in the course of the educational activities. Our leading values are: human dignity, professionalism, community and joy of life.
These values are our guiding spirit all year round and are relevant and significant in our educational endeavors.


There are about 13 kindergartens in Shlomi, providing a wide ranged solution for Shlomi residents, parents can choose their children’s style of education, whether religious or secular. The Local Council of Shlomi emphasizes education and the children receive warm attention from a very young age. The personal attention begins at the nursery and continues until graduation.
All kindergartens in the Local Council of Shlomi emphasize the integration of nature in education and the council runs a special program called City Garden, taking the children out into the forest to learn about nature, terrain and the variety of flora and fauna. The activity is intended to promote the mental well-being and healthy development of Shlomi’s children, nature is a playground for the children’s natural curiosity. In addition, all the kindergartens run enrichment activities for children, such as: theater, music, dance, storytime and more.

Elementary schools

Shlomi has 2 elementary schools: Ben Zvi School and the Rabbi Maimon School for the Religious Population.
Ben Zvi School is located in the heart of a residential neighborhood. The school acts as a family, giving each child personal and focused care by a warm and professional staff. There are many enrichment programs such as: y-tek, Amirim, El Ami, chess, volunteering in the communication kindergarten (where children learn how to help the weak and develop a sense of empathy and patience), playing various wind instruments, choir, mentoring and more. Ben Zvi School has an advanced English room with varied and rich learning materials and a developing math room.
The Rabbi Maimon School prioritizes each student individually, mapping his strengths and weaknesses, thus helping the students to develop their strengths and overcome the weaknesses in order to bring the students to excellence. The goal is to lead students through a process of personal performance improvement in a variety of areas. There are enrichment classes in a wide variety of fields such as cooking, ecological garden, theater, art, choir and more. The Rabbi Maimon School also emphasizes the student’s connection to Judaism.There are activities that strengthen the Jewish bond, such as Kabbalat Shabbat, fun breaks on Rosh Chodesh, volunteering in the community and the collection and distribution of food to the needy for the holidays, as well as Bar\Bat mitzvah trips and study evenings with the parents throughout the year.

Middle school

In the Shlomi middle school and Ort high school, the children receive more high-quality education leading to exellence. The Ort school in Shlomi was founded on an innovative technological concept. We believe in a harmonious connection between the various populations of the town to a united human fabric, capable of living a life of mutual respect and excellence.
The educational process that our youth go through  is spread over the six school years. Countless hours of thought and action, human and physical resources, financial and other resources, are invested in this educational process, all for the sake of our every boy and girl.
There are various types of social projects throughout the year and students get to discover the power of leadership, creativity and giving. The high-quality education staff is carefully selected, providing personal care for each student. The personal attention, with an emphasis on strengths and overcoming weaknesses, leads students to excel in their chosen path, and indeed there is an array of classes for gifted children that prioritize excellence and improve the student’s abilities in order to maximize their personal strengths and realize their full potential.

High School

Shlomi High School continues the middle school providing the children with a high-quality education with an emphasis on realizing the potential found in every child. Shlomi Ort Middle and High school are focusing on the technological progress which is reflected in the use of smart classrooms, digital textbooks and online classes. All of these are the basis for a more experiential learning, capable of instantly bringing entire worlds into the classroom and into the life of the students, who, very naturally, take the abundance of information and sensory experiences for granted. 

Informal education

The children and youth department of Shlomi is home to all its children and young, focusing on their needs and granting an equal opportunity, alongside strengthening their bond and sense of belonging to the local community.
The informal education department is in charge of all informal activities in Shlomi, mainly the youth organization and youth movement, young leadership activities, various programs for children, centers for at-risk youth, performance arts, challenge sports and scouting, training for the IDF, cultural and recreational events and more.
Our goal is to boost sense of belonging and pride in the town, to form an open and close bond with the parents and create welcoming spaces for all the children and youth of the town.