There are 18 synagogues in Shlomi, catering to the entire community with its variety of Jewish traditions.
The synagogues are located throughout the settllement’s neighborhoods and provide a nearby, convenient response to all Jewish residents’ needs.
There are weekly religious classes in the synagogues placed throughout the town, welcoming everyone who is interested in free Judaism classes.
The synagogues are offering various activities such as meals, prayers and preparations for Shabbat and holidays.
During the Jewish holidays, holiday related activities take place: daily Hanukkah candle lighting, Sufganiyot and Hanukkah Gelt for everyone.
On Purim, the customary Mishloach Manot, a reading of the Megillah and a glorious procession are held. There are holidays which the community celebrates together, like Seder Pesach and Sukkot.
The warm community invites you to a glorious Shabbat meal
In Shlomi you will find 3 mikvahs for women, available to the entire population for the sake of purification.
Those interested in religious education for their children will be able to find a wide range of options in and out of Shlomi, starting with nurseries.
The warm community invites you to come and experience the amazing life that the Local Council of Shlomi offers.


In Shlomi you will find 3 mikvehs for women, catering to the religious needs of the entire population.
A Mikveh is a collection of water acceptable by the Halacha (Hilchot Mikvaot). According to the Jewish tradition, the immersion in its waters purifies from different impurity situations.
Our Mikveh attendants in Shlomi are ready to guide and assist every woman.