The Council at your service

Every  new immigrant who comes to the city of Shlomi will meet Yulia, who is responsible for immigration and absorption in the Local Council of Shlomi. With Yulia’s assistance, the immigrants receive warm and personal treatment and assistance in everything they need, whether it is finding an apartment, work, classes and more.

Here are some of the benefits for new immigrants in Shlomi throughout the year:

Assistance in finding a job

As part of the warm embrace that Shlomi gives to all its residents and new immigrants in particular, the council helps you find a job that suits your requirements. Yulia will accompany you all the way and find the perfect job for you.
In Shlomi, the developing industry constantly seeks new talent and offers attractive conditions for job seekers.
In addition, the council promotes and encourages the establishment of private businesses to enable employment for all residents.
Shlomi invites you to make a dream come true and live in the most spectacular place in Israel, without compromising on your career.

Support in the Hebrew language

The State of Israel encourages the Aliyah of Jewish people from all over the world and embraces them when they decide to immigrate to Israel.
Tne new immigrants receive a Sal Klita – financial assistance payments, including help with rent and council tax payment through the first year and more.
When you make the decision to make Aliyah to Shlomi, Yulia will help you find an apartment that suits your needs – a garden apartment with space for children or an apartment overlooking the sea, all of these and many other options are available for you to choose from.
The rent in Shlomi local council is affordable for every budget and the variety of apartments is suitable for everyone, young couples as well as families
Learning the Hebrew language
As part of the financial assistance, new immigrants receive free Hebrew lessons for six months. The Local Council of Shlomi is happy to support you for an easy and safe transition to the community and encourages theater, jewelry and other classes in the Russian language, so that you can be part of the council’s supportive and loving community.


The Local Council of Shlomi takes care of the new immigrants’ welfare, providing them further assistance and benefits.
Every day, kindergarten and elementary school children receive a hot and nutritious meal during school hours.
As part of encouraging Aliyah to Israel, immigrants receive a significant discount on importation of vehicles in their first three years in Israel.
Each new immigrant receives financial assistance worth thousands of shekels each month for the first seven months in Israel, all this and more to create the safest and most pleasant environment for you, providing you with the ideal experience.